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Photo safari

Kalahari Rangers is a 24 000 acres property located at the entrance to the enchanting paradise called the Kalahari dessert.The dunes which are stabilized by varies species of acacia and grasses, results in stretched-out African savannah once roamed by millions of migrating springbok and other animals.
The rich variety of vegetation provides for about 80 species of mammals and approximately 240 bird species.

Your photographic safari will be led by a professional guide, assisted by a local tracker.

Your walking safari will enable you to get very close to the animals and will provide you with great photo shots and an unforgettable experience that will put you in awe of the wonders of nature.

The natural beauty of the Kalahari Desert, offer spectacular sunset and sunrise scenes. The red sands with dead kameeldoring standing guard as sentinels over the surrounding bush with the cobalt blue sky as backdrop creates magnificent compositions for your collection.

As an alternative to a walking safari we also offer blinds that are erected near water holes. Sitting quietly waiting for the animals creates an oneness with this beautiful paradise. Feel free to use our donkey car to discover the bush as an alternative 4x4 experience.

Our beautiful lodge is situated inside the hunting territory which contributes to your overall “wild Africa” experience.
Please remember to pack adequate cleaning equipment for your camera and lenses, as well as chargers and extra battery packs.